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technology and marathon racing
i've been training for a full marathon over the last few weeks, today in seattle they closed down all the streets from the seattle center (space needle) to safeco field for the st. patricks day dash, a short run- but good to do. by my age group i got 39th place. overall, i got 281st place out of 13,000 people total. complete results here. i averaged about 7 mph, and i'll say this- it was hard to take pics with my phone running at that pace, but i manage to take a few and post, running and finish line. i had my pocket pc and parts of the "geek gym" it worked out great. in may my plan is to do a 26 mile one and post pictures from my phone/device the entire run.

using different operating systems, all over the house
i really like to use lots of different operating systems, any time i get a system i it is usually taken it apart, operating system is reinstalled/tweaked and i make i "get" how it all works. right now in the kitchen i am using a xandros linux desktop 2.0 machine for web, irc, newsgroups, etc...in the living room, mac os x, windows xp, windows xp media center edition for photos, dvd, ttv recording, xbox/gamecube for gaming and most of the robots use windows xp tablet pc edition. the downstairs gym has tablet pc, pocket pcs. there are palms, symbian devices, longhorn and even a next box here. when you don't let weird biases get in the way--you can have a lot of fun with computers and get lots of work done. click here for the kitchen pc. aibos and other devices around here use lots of other things too.